I’ve found Fat Boy Slim’s Underpants in my Camera Bag

How’s that for a surreal blog title?  But it happens to be true!

At the Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham game on 24th October, local legend Fat Boy Slim – aka Norman Cook – proudly announced his Big Beach Boutique 5 gig on the 1st and 2nd June at the American Express Community Stadium. Rather than dishing out some grubby paper flier, the crowd were given FBS BBB5 flags announcing the event, – which were enthusiastically waved before and during the game.

The press contingent, however, weren’t issued with flags – after all, they are rather large and a bit difficult to wave when you’re trying to work. Instead, we were issued with Fat Boy Slim underpants!  I’m not quite sure of the message here, but I am sure that we will all enjoy the comfort and support they will bring.


This morning, I was packing my camera bag to photograph the BHA Women’s and Girl’s Centre of Excellence matches, only to discover my newly acquired fashion accessory in the bottom of the bag.  I thought I’d better leave them at home!

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