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I must admit that over the past several months I have become more than a little disenchanted with the Flickr photo sharing website.  The design of the site hasn’t moved on for the past few years; it still tells you how to say ‘Hello’ to someone in an irrelevant foreign language, and frankly the joke wore a little thin some time ago.  It is far too easy to stumble across pornographic images that I’d rather not have on my screen, and while there are some excellent photographers posting to Flickr, there is a sizeable majority of images on the site that are of dubious quality.

I was pleased, therefore, to learn about the website.

Screenshot of

On 500px, photographers may vote on other photographer’s images – liking or disliking them – ensuring that the cream rises to the top; the quality of the images contributed to the site are quite stunning.

The company behind 500px is small, and the recent meteoric rise of the site may provide a few organisational teething problems (the back-channel tends to suggest that this might be the case), but it should turn out to be a good home for those who take their photography seriously, and who want to be inspired.

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