QR Codes – a nifty idea!

Scan me with your Smartphone

This little beastie on the right is a QR code – it’s rather like a bar code on steroids, but it can hold a lot more information than a regular barcode. If you have a bar code reader app on your Smartphone, try scanning it.

If you don’t have a QR code reader, you can get one free from RedLaser (the Red Laser app is awesome – it saved us fifty quid when we bought our steam iron!) or from  Kaywa – although I’ve not used it.

This QR code example is – as you may guess – a shameless plug for this website, but I’m sure that you catch my drift to see how it works.

I think that there will be quite a few uses for this in the future.  Neat, eh? What do you think?

If you want a QR code, you can get your own codes for free here.

So, how did Red Laser save us fifty quid on a steam iron?  Well, our last steam iron had given up the ghost, and we needed a powerful steam iron to steam the creases out of my photographic backdrops – as well as out of our clothes.  I fell in love with a steam generator iron in Comet, but it cost a staggering £150.

I scanned the bar code on the box with Red Laser, which promptly told me that I could buy the same thing at Argos – just three miles away – who had it on offer for fifty pounds less! Comet wouldn’t price match, so off we went to save fifty quid!

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