Time lapse photography from the International Space Station

Friends who know Linda and me will know that we’re both fascinated by things that fly in space – anything from the (now defunct) UARS to the Starship Enterprise.  We have spent many an evening watching the International Space Station fly overhead  like a fast star, and every time we see it, we make the comment ‘There’s people up there‘. I’ve even taken masses of gear into the garden to try to take a picture of it. Here’s the best so far, but I’ll keep trying…

The International Space Station taken from my back garden.

Now, it is really satisfying to know that while I’m down here trying to take a photo of them up there, them up there are taking a picture of us down here. Here is a time-lapse video taken on board the ISS travelling at 17,500 mph at 250 miles above the earth – about the same distance from Brighton to Leeds. Some of the crew are about to leave the ISS to make the journey home. Hold tight and enjoy the ride.  (Hint: click the full screen button!)

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