How to find if your online photos are being stolen…

If you want to search for one of your photos on the internet, use Google images!  It’s so easy…

  1. open the image you want to search for,
  2. open Google Images  (see below) –, then click Images,
  3. drag your image onto the Google Images window, and a ‘drop your image here’ box will appear.

Google will now show you the websites containing your images!

I have started by trawling the web to look for any unauthorised use of my photographs which have been published on my Flickr account – and there are quite a few!  This crowd photo has been used a couple of times…

I have asked a number of sites to make a payment; they pay their staff, they pay their web host, they pay the sandwich lady, and they make a living out of trading on their websites – so why should they feel it’s OK to rip off my pictures?

I would like readers to appreciate that there are a number of causes – charities, sports, and the like – that I am quite happy to support with my photography (they know who they are), and I’m quite happy to share photos with my friends (they know who they are too); but like anybody who uses their time and equipment to make and sells things for a living – I’m not going to stand by to have my products stolen for someone else’s gain.

UPDATE: One company has apologised for the oversight and has paid my PayPal invoice. Go for it!

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