A Strange Commission

Photographers do get asked some interesting questions – some quite bizarre!  A few days ago, my phone rang and displayed an unknown mobile number on the display.

The caller asked: ‘Do you live in Brighton?

Me: ‘Yes I do.

Caller: ‘Anywhere near the nudist beach?

Me: ‘Er, its a couple of miles away – quite close.

Caller: ‘You couldn’t take a few photos for me, could you?

Me: ‘Er, no. Sorry. Goodbye.

So, Mister Whatever-your-name-is, here is a photo from my archives, which I took near the famous Brighton Nudist Beach on a nice summery day a few years back.  The title of this photo is ‘You want me to do whaaat?’  This one is just for you!  Enjoy!

You want me to do whaaat? © Geoff Penn 2007

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  1. Krista May 15, 2012 at 6:45 am #

    You could have grabbed your wide angle lens and headed down there 😉

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