The School Prom

Last week we had the privilege of taking the photographs of the students at the Durrington High School prom. It was a great evening, and the students were a great bunch. It was a very busy evening for both of us – me taking the photos, and Linda printing them, mounting them, and handling the cash.

The students at Durrington High School have a tradition that they must arrive in style; and this year was no exception.  They arrived in anything from a pony and trap, through flashy sports cars to a vintage open top double decker bus.


Students arriving

Students arrive in style in a vintage open top bus.

School proms are, of course, a relatively recent import from the United States, and I think it is one of the better ideas to have made the journey.  The school prom offers an opportunity for the students to show that they are now young adults and no longer just kids, and it is a grand social occasion to mark the end of their school careers and make the transition into adulthood.

Me? I can’t really remember leaving school; I think we sat our last exam, said something like “well, that’s it then!” and lit up a ciggie as we wandered out of the school gates off into the big wide world.


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