As Time Goes By…

Over the years, I have had to upgrade my digital camera bodies to improve the quality of my images and to take advantage of the improvements in technology.

Here’s a photo of the Canon camera bodies I have used since 2005 (taken on my iPhone) from the newest on the left to the oldest on the right. I thought that each of them were the bees knees in their day; the older ones still do an occasional turn!


Canon EOS Cameras going back over the years

From left to right:

  • EOS 5D MkIII (bought October 2012),
  • EOS 7D (December 2009),
  • EOS 1D MkIII (December 2007),
  • EOS 30D (September 2006), and the
  • EOS 350D (April 2005)

Before these were the Fuji FinePix 4700 digital camera and a Sony, whose model number I can’t remember. Prior to this were a series of cameras which took something called film! For me, the biggest improvement has been in the low-light capability from camera to camera, and the largest size of the image.

The old 350D produced so much noise (grain) on images shot in the dark, that they were almost unusable, while the latest 5D MkIII can almost see in the dark!

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