New hedgehog house

For a birthday present, I was given the money to buy a fine hedgehog house; a splendid one-floor, one-room desirable residence with a hallway and leaf-carpeted floor, in which new residents are encouraged to move in – and will be welcomed with a meal of cat biscuits.

The house was  installed yesterday afternoon.

Did anybody stop by to check it out? I used the infra-red trap camera to find out…


The hedgehog left the house ten minutes later, but she/he knows where it is!  Hopefully, a hedgehog mum will give birth to a family of hedgehogs in there.


Subsequent recordings have shown that the gap on the right is a kind of highway between gardens for our usual visitors – foxes and (especially) cats.  As it would be like living next to  the M1 Motorway for nocturnal lorry drivers, the poor residents of this house wouldn’t get a wink of sleep.

The house has been relocated to what I hope is a quieter part of the garden, with a rather fetching ‘To Let’ sign outside.

Watch this space!

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