Cheetahs running in Slow Motion.

Here’s a video for cat lovers!

It’s a video of cheetahs – the fastest creature on legs – captured running at almost 60mph in superb slow motion.

Absolutely breathtaking!




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Seeking the light – never too old to learn.

Don McCullin is a 77 year-old legendary landscape, portrait and former war photographer who has spent a lifetime shooting with film, and has not moved to digital.

This charming half-hour video from the Canon Professional Network shows how he begins to embrace the digital technology, shooting with the lovely Canon 5D MkIII camera.

OK, it does tend to plug Canon a little, but it is still half an hour well spent!


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Owch !

About a minute after explaining to a parent on the sidelines of a football pitch how I damaged my 70-200 f/2.8L lens by dropping it on the floor at the Amex, my 7D camera swung into the back of my 1D MkIII camera, colliding with the top right hand corner of the screen.  What a clumsy twerp I am.

That’s two bits of kit that need to be taken around the M25 to the Canon repair facility in Elstree. Humph.

My Canon 1D Mk3 with a new-look rear screen.
(Click to enlarge)

Memo to self: be more careful Geoff – else you’ll have nothing left!

UPDATE: Canon’s estimate for the repair of both camera and lens is £640.03.  Owch indeed!

SECOND UPDATE: The final estimate rose to £730.00.  I think I need a drink!

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When Snappers Get Together

Just had a great evening at the local pub with my photographer friend Pete Gawlik.

I’d hate to be a fly on the wall listening to a couple of snappers talking photography – cos I’m sure that a fly would get bored, – but we just love talking about f-stops, back-focusing, flashgun technique and the like.

You’re welcome to join us for a good chinwag!

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Maisie Rose is Christened

I was delighted to be asked by Gemma and Chris to take the photos on the occasion of their daughter Maisie Rose’s Christening.

Maisie’s christening took place earlier today at St Wilfrid’s Church in Hayward’s Heath and was performed by the Rev Ray Smith.  After the ceremony, a party was held in the Cafe/Bar in the village square in Bolnore Village.

Maisie Rose being Christened

The Rev Ray Smith baptises Maisie Rose

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