My In-tray is never empty

There’s always something in the in-tray on my desk in the office.

I need to file it under ‘R’ for Riley!

Riley 140305 0657

Riley in my in-tray.

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Maisie and Elliott’s Birthday Party

Maisie and her friend Elliott shared a birthday party at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill.

After an hour of having fun bouncing on a bouncy castle, driving motor cars and climbing spongy shapes, Maisie and Elliott and their friends then decamped into the party room for their birthday feast.

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Well, are you ready for the New Year?

Happy New Year everybody!

A question for my photographer colleagues and friends – are you ready for the new year?

There are a number of maintenance jobs which need doing as the year kicks over from 2013 to 2014.  To help me remember to get these things done before April, I thought I’d take time to share them with you now.

Change those copyright dates.

A good idea, eh? But easily overlooked.  There are three places where your copyright information may be held or displayed:

  • in your camera,
  • in your software, and also
  • on your website

In your camera

Many cameras can embed user-defined copyright text into the metadata; remember to update this to 2014 – and if you haven’t entered any, then now might be a good time to make a start! Okay, it might be fiddly, but it is well worth doing.

And while you are playing with the settings, go and make sure your date and time are telling the truth too!

blog 131230 0618

blog 131230 0620








In your software

Users of Lightroom  will need to change the copyright year in your metadata presets.  In the Library module, display the Metadata panel, then select Preset: then Edit Presets:

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 17.43.45

Once modified, click the Preset drop down and Save current settings as new preset.  G’wan, it won’t take long to do!

Photo Mechanic users, being the grizzled, hard-core sports-shooters that they are, will have modified the Stationery Pad before they leave home for every game, and will need absolutely no reminder to modify those Image Rights. At least, I hope so!


Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 17.47.20


On your website

Finally, don’t forget your website. We look at everybody else’s websites, but always forget to look at our own, don’t we!

Copyright notices are frequently placed in the footer element of each page, and it’s a good idea for you to ring in the new year.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a copyright notice that’s a couple of years out of date – it makes the site look cobwebby and unloved!


Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 17.50.31

 Other than copyright dates, what else? Well, we could think about our filing system.

Make a home for your New Year photos

Somebody’s grandmother once said “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place“. (Now, some of you may think that she deserves to have been shot in front of her family – but I’ll leave that judgement to you.)

Lightroom users who use a Year/Month folder structure in which to keep their files should remember to create a new folder for 2014, and create an 01 folder nice and ready for January’s photos. (Hint: use 01, 02 etc. rather than January, February etc. as this keeps the months in order). (No, I don’t have OCD – I have CDO.  It’s like OCD, but the letters have to be in alphabetical order!) Photo Mechanic users may well be doing this automatically.


blog 131230 38


So, there you go! If there’s anything I’ve forgotten, let me know in the comments below.

It remains for me to wish you a peaceful – and prosperous – New Year.

Happy New Year Everybody!

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NCT Cover Girl

The NCT (Natural Childbirth Trust) has used my photograph of little Maisie Porteous on the cover of the Mid-Sussex Branch’s Winter 2013 newsletter.

Doesn’t she look cute?

This photo was taken in a family photo shoot for Maisie’s Mum and Dad, Gemma and Chris in March 2013.


Maisie NCT

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Birds Feeding

A short video taken with my GoPro3+ camera…

It’s lunchtime in our back garden; the starlings go crazy for the mealworm in the dishes, while the Ring Neck Doves sedately peck away at the sunflower seeds in the feeders.

Notice the screw-on dishes attached to the bottom of the bird feeders; without these, the Doves would find it difficult to land and feed.




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