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Maisie and Elliott’s Birthday Party

Maisie and her friend Elliott shared a birthday party at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill.

After an hour of having fun bouncing on a bouncy castle, driving motor cars and climbing spongy shapes, Maisie and Elliott and their friends then decamped into the party room for their birthday feast.

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NCT Cover Girl

The NCT (Natural Childbirth Trust) has used my photograph of little Maisie Porteous on the cover of the Mid-Sussex Branch’s Winter 2013 newsletter.

Doesn’t she look cute?

This photo was taken in a family photo shoot for Maisie’s Mum and Dad, Gemma and Chris in March 2013.


Maisie NCT

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Alexa’s Photoshoot

I was asked by Alexa’s Mum and dad, Christine and Simon, to take photographs of their baby daughter.  Linda and I set up a small studio in their home, and we got to work.

Here’s a few photos from baby Alexa’s photoshoot.


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Maisie Rose Porteous

Maisie Porteous’ Mum and Dad, Gemma and Chris, commissioned me to take Maisie’s baby photos.  With Gemma and Chris’ permission, here are a few of the photos taken at Maisie’s photoshoot.



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