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Advice on taking photos with an iPhone

Here’s some excellent advice in a video from the BBC Academy on best practice in taking photos with an iPhone…


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 01.38.03 pm



  • Turn phone sideways to take landscape pictures/video
  • Don’t use camera zoom – move forward instead
  • Tap on screen for auto focus and auto exposure – tap and hold for AF and AE lock
  • Use volume button to take a shot
  • Use HDR when necessary – but not on moving objects


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Advice for Guests at a Wedding

Here’s one of the problems that a Wedding Photographer can face when photographing at a wedding….


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QR Codes – a nifty idea!

Scan me with your Smartphone

This little beastie on the right is a QR code – it’s rather like a bar code on steroids, but it can hold a lot more information than a regular barcode. If you have a bar code reader app on your Smartphone, try scanning it.

If you don’t have a QR code reader, you can get one free from RedLaser (the Red Laser app is awesome – it saved us fifty quid when we bought our steam iron!) or from  Kaywa – although I’ve not used it.

This QR code example is – as you may guess – a shameless plug for this website, but I’m sure that you catch my drift to see how it works.

I think that there will be quite a few uses for this in the future.  Neat, eh? What do you think?

If you want a QR code, you can get your own codes for free here.

So, how did Red Laser save us fifty quid on a steam iron?  Well, our last steam iron had given up the ghost, and we needed a powerful steam iron to steam the creases out of my photographic backdrops – as well as out of our clothes.  I fell in love with a steam generator iron in Comet, but it cost a staggering £150.

I scanned the bar code on the box with Red Laser, which promptly told me that I could buy the same thing at Argos – just three miles away – who had it on offer for fifty pounds less! Comet wouldn’t price match, so off we went to save fifty quid!

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Does your iPad / iPhone calendar start on a Monday?

For some bizarre reason, Apple has decided that here in the UK our week starts on a Monday rather than a Sunday. Now this confuses a poor brain like mine, as my other calendars all start the week on a Sunday – and if I use the weekly view on my iPad or iPhone, my at-a-glance reckoning is one day out.

To make the change, you’ll need to select Settings > General > International and pick a different country.  Now selecting USA will make the week start on a Sunday, but then dates will then be all back to front, so Christmas will be shown as 12-25-2011 rather than 25-12-2011. (I’ve never understood this, why have the sequence middle-smallest-largest rather than the more logical smallest-middle-largest? Come on Barack – sort it out – 4/6 is the 4th June, not the 6th April!)

Also, selecting USA will give Fahrenheit temperatures rather than Celsius. (OK, I’ve got used to Celsius now.)

The home of the Maori tribe, the All-Blacks egg chasers and the Kiwi fruit provides the answer!  Select New Zealand, and your week will start on a Sunday, your dates will be logical, and your temperatures will be centigrade.  Yay !

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