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Time lapse photography from the International Space Station

Friends who know Linda and me will know that we’re both fascinated by things that fly in space – anything from the (now defunct) UARS to the Starship Enterprise.  We have spent many an evening watching the International Space Station fly overhead  like a fast star, and every time we see it, we make the comment ‘There’s people up there‘. I’ve even taken masses of gear into the garden to try to take a picture of it. Here’s the best so far, but I’ll keep trying…

The International Space Station taken from my back garden.

Now, it is really satisfying to know that while I’m down here trying to take a photo of them up there, them up there are taking a picture of us down here. Here is a time-lapse video taken on board the ISS travelling at 17,500 mph at 250 miles above the earth – about the same distance from Brighton to Leeds. Some of the crew are about to leave the ISS to make the journey home. Hold tight and enjoy the ride.  (Hint: click the full screen button!)

Adobe Lightroom 4 – thumbs up !

I have been using Adobe Lightroom ever since it was first released. To me, the software is a photographer’s dream; if I have been shooting a football match or a wedding, and have up to several hundred photos to sift, sort and then edit – it lets me do this very quickly.

It keeps my images nicely filed away, and does so, so many other things, far to numerous to list here.

Adobe has just released a beta version – a preview – of the new version of Lightroom, and I am not disappointed!  The new develop – image editing- tools (seen below editing Ted) were well worth the wait.

I’m so looking forward to getting my mits on the final version.


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I no longer have a useless black Canon Selphy CP800 brick next to my Mac

At long bl**dy last – CP800 Lion drivers are now available!  There is an update to this article below…

Regular readers to my blog will know that I am a Canon fan – well, when it comes to cameras anyway.  Canon cameras are fantastic, and I wouldn’t want to use anything else.

It seems however, that there are a bunch of absolute buffoons looking after things in Canon’s printer division.

My expensive paperweight.

My Expensive Paperweight

You see, I have a Canon Selphy CP800 printer which, apparently, works fine on Windows and on earlier versions of the Apple Mac operating system.  When Apple released their new operating system, Lion, in July 2011, most of the peripheral manufacturers either had their new drivers immediately ready for their devices, or they were available very shortly thereafter.

Not Canon.  Incredibly, there is still no sign of a driver being released – after more than six months!!  There must be a number of consumers who have an Apple computer with the Lion operating system, who have bought this printer expecting to use it.

I bought my CP800 printer a few weeks before the OS upgrade to Lion, and found that I now have a black Canon brick being used as a rather expensive paperweight.

Now, I didn’t use this printer that often, but it was useful for the occasional 6″x4″ printing job for when I didn’t have a larger order to send off to the printing lab.  (Tech stuff: It is a dye-sublimation printer and makes good quality, long lasting prints – better quality than an inkjet printer, although more expensive to produce.)

If I had known that this was going to happen, I would never have bought the thing in the first place.

Come on Canon – you are treating some of your consumers disgracefully, and at least one of them is feeling ripped off !

Rant over.

UPDATE: 17th Feb 2012.  I was delighted to find that my Mac told me that there were printer updates from Canon. “At last“, I thought, “I can now make use of my black brick“. I plugged it into the USB port; the MacBook recognised the printer – but there’s STILL NO DRIVER for the CP800.  There are geeks on the internet who have managed to get this installed by doing strange things to their Macs – so it can be done. I am not that much of a geek. I just want to use a printer I have bought, that Canon is still actively marketing, on an operating system that has a growing share of the market.  Canon, – you are bloody useless!

UPDATE: 22nd March 2012.  Hooray! A date to put in your diaries, folks! I’ve just downloaded the CP800 drivers on the Canon website, and my useless black brick is now working on my MacBook Pro under OSX Lion!  Only 9 months late. Some might say ‘better late than never’ but how about ‘better never late’?  Hopefully, the lesson has been learned.

Now, the question is, do I remove this blog entry, or leave it like a millstone around Canon’s neck?  What do you think?

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Remember your ©opyright !

Happy New Year to all my blog readers!

As it’s now 2012, I’d like to remind fellow photographers to change the copyright date in your cameras, on your websites, and in your photo editing software to 2012.

Normally, I remember to do this around March!

I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon

The first performance of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was at the Brighton Dome on 20th January 1972!

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the debut of DSOTM, there’s an exhibition of photographs of the legendary rock band at the Dome starting on Friday 20th January continuing to Tuesday 20th March.

The pictures are the work of Jill Furmanovsky (and others) who spent a great deal of time on the road with Pink Floyd, and she will be available for a Q&A session on 20th Jan 2012 at 7:00 pm.

The exhibition is in the Founders Room at the Dome from 10am to 5pm Tuesday – Sunday.

For the life of me, I can’t remember if  I was at this particular gig or not – I still have a ticket stub for a performance at the Dome in January 1970 – so I’m just hoping that there’s a few audience pictures to see if I can spot a young hippy in the crowd!

UPDATE: I have recently been back in touch with an old friend from my younger days, who confirms that we went to that gig, and were totally blown away by it all.

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