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Gemma and Phil’s Wedding

Linda and I were the photographers at Gemma and Phil’s wedding.

The ceremony took place at the Hangleton Manor in Hove, followed by the reception at the Hove Rugby Club.

Take a look at some of Gemma and Phil’s wedding photos… (Click a thumbnail or Show Slideshow)

Our congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Morris!

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Frank and Val tie the knot.

Frank and Val have been together for twenty five years, and have decided to tie the knot.  Linda and I felt privileged to be asked to take the photographs of their wedding day.

The ceremony took place in the splendour of the Brighton Town Hall, and venue for the wedding breakfast was the Old Boat Corner Community Centre.

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Getting the Eyes Right – Squinching

Peter Hurley is a New York headshot photographer who I think is great.  I’ve previously posted about his talk and video on getting the jawline right – i.e. losing all those chins.

He has now released another noisy YouTube video about getting the eyes right – he calls the technique ‘squinching’ – it’s a cross between squinting and pinching.

So when a camera is pointed at you – don’t look like the deer in the headlights – start squinching!

My wedding clients may wish to start practicing!



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(Another) New Camera

I’ve just bought a new camera; it’s a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition…


As you can see, it’s tiny, versatile, and can go where other cameras can’t go. It takes photos, shoots video, time-lapse, and photo bursts. It even shoots underwater! Here’s a video shot in my fishpond…



It has wi-fi built in, and it can even be controlled remotely from my iPhone.

Here’s a video from the manufacturer:


I can’t wait to use it at a wedding to capture some great photos, and at football for some interesting images.

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Advice for Guests at a Wedding

Here’s one of the problems that a Wedding Photographer can face when photographing at a wedding….


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