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The Art of the Headshot

Peter Hurley is a photographer who specialises in headshots; he is good, I have used his techniques in my photography with great effect.

If you are a headshot photographer – in other words if you point any sort of camera at another human being in a studio, at a wedding or even with an iPhone in a boozy nightclub – then you’ll learn a lot from this.

The video – created by the Kelby Media Group at the Google+ Photographer’s Conference – is almost an hour long, but worth every minute.

Here’s another Peter Hurley video on how to lose those chins when being photographed.

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Jennie & Martin’s Wedding

Jennie and Martin’s wedding took place at Wotton House Hotel near Dorking in Surrey, on a day which was ideal for wedding photography – dry and slightly overcast – so there was no harsh light and there were no harsh shadows either.

Here are some watermarked low-resolution versions of the photographs taken on their day.

The Bride and her fatherBride on the StaircaseThe BridesmaidsThe First DanceWalking down the AisleThe Bride and GroomThe Bride and GroomSigning the RegisterSnappersJust MarriedSharing a momentThe Bride's Father shares a joke with his daughterThe PrincipalsThe Bride and Groom, Family and FriendsAnnouncing the Bride and GroomThe Toast is....The CakeThe Brides Father speaksCutting the CakeWe're just married !The First DanceCatching the BoquetThe Bride dances with her FatherDancingThe Wedding Party parties

The high resolution, un-watermarked photos can be seen on Jennie and Martin’s password protected page.

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Wedding Venue – Fontwell Park

Linda and I visited Megan Thomas, the Events Coordinator at Fontwell Park racecourse in Sussex, to make our preliminary visit to the venue as a part of our preparation for the wedding photography of the forthcoming wedding of Chantelle and Lewis.

The ceremony room in Fontwell House is intimate and charming – all guests will feel a part of the wedding ceremony, while the adjacent reception room has brilliant white tuile sweeping down from the ceiling to portray a dazzling tented  feel to the room.

We also had a good walk around the pretty grounds to reconnoitre for locations for the outdoor shots; there are some excellent backgrounds available – which also include the race track and winners enclosure, – and if on the day the weather should take a turn for the worse, the large group photos can all be taken in the covered grandstand.



Fontwell Park Racecourse | | Telephone:  01243 543335


Adobe Lightroom 4 – thumbs up !

I have been using Adobe Lightroom ever since it was first released. To me, the software is a photographer’s dream; if I have been shooting a football match or a wedding, and have up to several hundred photos to sift, sort and then edit – it lets me do this very quickly.

It keeps my images nicely filed away, and does so, so many other things, far to numerous to list here.

Adobe has just released a beta version – a preview – of the new version of Lightroom, and I am not disappointed!  The new develop – image editing- tools (seen below editing Ted) were well worth the wait.

I’m so looking forward to getting my mits on the final version.


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Melanie & Karl’s Wedding

Linda and I have been busy little wedding photographers, taking the photographs at Mel and Karl’s wedding in Barnsley.

Advance planning really works well – immediately after the ceremony we shot over twenty group scenarios in the Churchfield grounds so that the guests were quickly away for their drinks reception, while we took Mel & Karl to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for more Bride and Groom photos.

The family & friends of Mel & Karl can visit their online photo gallery by clicking ‘Your Photos’ and entering the password you were given on our card.  Otherwise, for everyone else, here’s a slideshow of a few photos from the day.

Mel & Karl-8103.jpgMel & Karl-8140.jpgMel & Karl-8133.jpgMel & Karl-8165.jpgMel & Karl-8166.jpgMel & Karl-8173.jpgMel & Karl-7880.jpgMel & Karl-8212.jpgMel & Karl-8450.jpgMel & Karl-8502.jpgMel & Karl-8708.jpgMel & Karl-9029.jpg


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