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Bizarre Marketing!

Readers of my blog may remember that back in the summer, Linda bought me a hedgehog house for my birthday. It came from Amazon.

Now, as we’ve bought one hedgehog house, Amazon recommend that I buy another!

If this carries on, our back garden will be a small town for hedgehogs with hedgehog houses everywhere.  Will Amazon start selling hedgehog schools, hedgehog town halls, hedgehog shopping centres?  The list goes on!


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.04.27 pm


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New hedgehog house

For a birthday present, I was given the money to buy a fine hedgehog house; a splendid one-floor, one-room desirable residence with a hallway and leaf-carpeted floor, in which new residents are encouraged to move in – and will be welcomed with a meal of cat biscuits.

The house was  installed yesterday afternoon.

Did anybody stop by to check it out? I used the infra-red trap camera to find out…


The hedgehog left the house ten minutes later, but she/he knows where it is!  Hopefully, a hedgehog mum will give birth to a family of hedgehogs in there.


Subsequent recordings have shown that the gap on the right is a kind of highway between gardens for our usual visitors – foxes and (especially) cats.  As it would be like living next to  the M1 Motorway for nocturnal lorry drivers, the poor residents of this house wouldn’t get a wink of sleep.

The house has been relocated to what I hope is a quieter part of the garden, with a rather fetching ‘To Let’ sign outside.

Watch this space!

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Birds Feeding

A short video taken with my GoPro3+ camera…

It’s lunchtime in our back garden; the starlings go crazy for the mealworm in the dishes, while the Ring Neck Doves sedately peck away at the sunflower seeds in the feeders.

Notice the screw-on dishes attached to the bottom of the bird feeders; without these, the Doves would find it difficult to land and feed.




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Santa Seen in Sussex

Today’s Brighton Argus newspaper carries a story of a rather handsome and distinguished looking Santa helping to plant trees at Fulling Mill Cottage in Fittleworth.  The eagle-eyed among you may notice that the photo is credited to me, when instead it should have been credited to my wife Linda Penn.

Also, the even more eagle-eyed among you might think that Santa’s eyebrows, eyes and nose look a lot like mine. And you’d be right!

Nice picture Lin, well done!


Links to the organisations mentioned in the story : Cat Welfare Sussex  |  Sussex Wildlife Trust

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Published Fox Photos

These two photographs of the foxes feeding in our back garden have just been published in the BBC’s Wildlife magazine, dated January 2012.  They illustrate an article about how feeding urban foxes gives people an opportunity to see the year-round behaviours of these magnificent creatures.

The first photo was used as a large one and a half page spread, while the second was used as a smaller inset, and illustrates the do’s and don’ts of feeding foxes.

The magazine is available from all good magazine shops priced at just £3.80



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